MakeMyTrip is one of India’s leading online travel service providers. The company priorities building a long-lasting client experience over selling low-cost items and services. Due to its established online presence, the company has built a strong market reputation as an innovative and technologically advanced travel platform.

MakeMyTrip’s successful marketing strategy

The company expanded its hotel and tourism package business by implementing new technology, increasing automation, and focusing more on customer service. It used a variety of marketing strategies to attract customers while also preparing itself to provide the customer’s desired services through increasing personalisation. The company employs marketing strategies such as fundraising through an issue of debt securities, social media marketing, email marketing, and advertisements (TV, Newspaper, and Holdings).

One of their products, online ticket booking for transportation, is popular with its customer base, and its value-added services provide customer satisfaction. In terms of pricing, it offers customers discounted online travel products. MakeMyTrip is using the e-market as a platform for its business that customers can access from anywhere. For promotions, MakeMyTrip communicates and raises awareness of its products and services through electronic banners on websites, television commercials, and offline retail stores. Online advertisements are intended to drive transactions, whereas offline transactions, such as on television, are assisting MakeMyTrip in establishing itself as a brand.

MakeMyTrip’s increasing offline presence also benefits local travel agents

According to a GlobalData Consumer Survey Q4 2021, 25% of Indian respondents and 24% of global respondents use online service providers for booking a vacation. The company hopes to entice the remaining customers who book direct or in person with a tour operator. The proportion of people booking through these two channels is 34% in India and 35% globally. This is significantly higher than the number of people who use online tour operators’ services.

To entice those who book direct or in person, the company is expanding its offline presence in India by opening retail stores in various parts of the country to promote its packages and to grow its business. The company has also launched a platform to help offline travel agents digitise their operations and improve customer service. MyPartner, the B2B2C platform, introduced by MakeMyTrip provides local travel agents with an online booking engine and gives them authority to make post-booking changes, cancellations, and other last-minute itinerary adjustments. It will also allow them to offer customisation and personalisation options to their customers. This would be beneficial for offline tour operators to enhance the services they provide and improve the time taken to process each request.

MakeMyTrip’s marketing strategy: A model of success

MakeMyTrip has developed to understand the individual requirements of travellers by monitoring ever-changing preferences. The company is now able to call itself one of the top travel service providers in India, a country of 1.3 billion people, demonstrating the success of its marketing strategy.