With travel demand expected to return slowly, turning to an alternative market could see TUI become a leading workation provider.

Working from home has become standard for many due to the pandemic. Workations could rise in popularity as more work flexibility is introduced, and TUI has recognised a growing trend early. TUI has designed the package with remote working essentials in mind including Wi-Fi and a dedicated workspace. The tour operator has struggled through the last few years, and with travel demand expected to take time to recover, exploring a new market could pay off. Remote working could become a mainstay for many, and TUI’s early entry into the workation market could see it become a leader.

Employees want to visit the office less

A live GlobalData poll has shown a high preference for fewer visits to the office post-COVID. 29% of global respondents only want to visit the office monthly, quarterly, or when management ask. A further one in five (21%) never want to visit.

The shift in remote working and preference to visit the office less demonstrates the wide market to which TUI can pitch its workation packages. The COVID-19 pandemic forced remote working on most office workers, and the shift in sentiment highlights a desire to retain current arrangements. The preference for less frequent office visits bodes well for TUI’s proposition as it allows remote workers to temporarily work from overseas. Many will be desperate to get away, and a change of scenery could provide a productivity boost.  A further live GlobalData poll found that 45% of respondents said better opportunities to focus is a reason to retain remote working. Escaping on a workation could provide a remote working paradise away from the distractions of the home. Furthermore, with all-inclusive dining included, employees can focus on work without the added stress of everyday tasks.

TUI could lead the way in providing workation packages

TUI is the first tour operator to offer specific packages for remote workers. Even though some hotels groups have offered similar packages to TUI, most only offered the day use of a room. The tour operator has combined the essential remote working requirements with a relaxing stay in 30 of its hotels. With travel demand expected to take time to rebound, targeting the increasing demand for remote working by offering workation packages could pay off for TUI and support a quicker return to pre-COVID revenue levels.