Hôtel de Crillon Selects Quadriga to Respond to Guest Requirements for More Flexible TV Content

Hôtel de Crillon, Paris, has selected the tools and applications within Quadriga’s Sensiq solution to create a guest communications portal that fully reflects the needs of its discerning guests. A key requirement was a superb choice of TV content to satisfy the needs of the
global traveller. Additionally, to further enhance the guest experience, the wealth of content offered to guests is now available via state-of-the-art Samsung TV screens.

Sensiq’s flexible tools and applications enabled Hôtel de Crillon to create its own unique guest communications portal, designed to meet its specific business objectives. By applying Sensiq’s powerful branding tools, the portal fully reflects the hotel’s brand identity, thus supporting and enhancing its brand image, directly to guests. For example, Sensiq’s multimedia functionality allows the hotel to show its own welcome video; to design the screens to incorporate its logo and brand colours; and to display images and information to promote the hotel’s own services, direct to guests.

Sensiq also provides the hotel with a valuable new sales channel by enabling it to communicate directly with guests in their rooms through the TV. For example, guests can
access information about the Crillon Boutique or the restaurant l’Obé, giving the hotel an opportunity to promote related special offers that may be of interest to the guests. This enables the hotel not only to encourage guest satisfaction and customer loyalty, but also to
build new sales opportunities.

Luc Delafosse, general manager of Hôtel de Crillon, explains: “Our initial brief was to find a
solution to meet the growing guest demands for a greater choice of TV content, but Sensiq has given us much more than this. The tools within Sensiq also allowed us to create a powerful guest communication vehicle that not only reinforces our brand, but enables us to promote our services directly to guests via the in-room TV, thus providing us with a new, potentially valuable sales channel.”

Marc Budie, technology director at Quadriga, adds: “Hôtel de Crillon is a luxury, prestigious
hotel in the heart of Paris, so it is essential for it to give guests a breadth of content choice that they have come to expect as standard. We have given the hotel the opportunity to meet and exceed these expectations in a commercially viable and personalised way.”

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