Relive the Spa Experience at Home with Germaine de Capuccini

Germaine de Capuccini presents a line of products to help prolong the spa experience at home – small treats to vibrate the senses with delicious textures, evocative fragrances and harmonious colours inviting sensations of well-being.

Their formulas gather the most essential ingredients of nature: of the sea, of the plant and mineral world, of ‘exquisite’ ingredients, of exotic spices, etc., which provide the skin with all their benefits and stimulate the senses.

All products have been dermatologist-tested.

Sperience Thalasso Spa Exfoliating – new format – a delight for the skin

It offers a sensational body exfoliation that nourishes and softens the skin, leaving it incredibly smooth and supple.

Its oily texture contains beeswax particles, algae extract, mineral salts and vitamins C and E. The skin achieves a surprisingly velvety feel and a luminous appearance.

Sperience Nature Essence of the Mediterranean Scrub – new – live a unique moment

An exotic body exfoliator made up of natural seeds with captivating fragrances. Argan shell, olive stones and grape seeds glide over the body in a rich, pleasant exfoliation, thus achieving skin free of imperfections.

At the same time, olive and orange flower oil intensely nourish and hydrate the skin, leaving it smooth with a satin-finish result.

Sperience Nature Essence of the Mediterranean Cream – new – delicious instant of comfort

A fresh, soothing cream with extraordinary sweetness and intensity that nourishes and deeply renews the skin, leaving it irresistibly silky and velvety.

Its main ingredient, Aloe Vera, provides an ideal soothing effect for the skin that is perfect as an after-sun treatment. The mint aromatic water provides freshness and tone as well as a sweet, penetrating fragrance. The essential and natural oils (lemon, cypress, olive, grape seeds) provide well-being and immediate comfort.

Its fragrance of flowers and aromatic plants such as bergamot, orange flower, mint, jasmine, violet and rosewood increases the sensation of total well-being.

Sperience Nature Rosemary Ambience Candle – new – create your own intimate space

Enriching and sensual fragranced candle that, when it heats, exudes a pleasant fragrance of sweet rosemary, creating a halo of warmth, comfort and calm that balances your senses and emotions.

Sperience Delicatessen Grape Shower Gel – new – guaranteed pleasure

Make the moment of showering a sublime delight with this bath gel based on red grape extracts ideal for everyday use.

It gently cleanses the skin stimulating and providing an exceptional sensation of well-being. The skin is left toned and cared for with a youthful and vital appearance. Grapes accumulate a high level of polyphenols in their seeds and pulp, powerful anti-free radicals that provide this gel with anti-oxidising and anti-ageing properties.

Its delicately soft texture, together with its exquisite colour and its subtle fragrance of grape and nature fill the bath as if it were a spa.

Sperience Delicatessen Rich Cocoa Body – new format – enjoy a sweet and tempting experience

A cocoa body butter that eliminates the sensation of dryness, roughness and flaking of the skin, even on the driest areas such as elbows, knees and feet.

The skin will be left extremely nourished, toned and soft. The silhouette will enjoy a hydrated and youthful appearance.

It has a creamy texture that, together with its delicious colour and chocolate fragrance, enhances your humour and well-being.

Sperience Spice Cinnamon Ambience Candle – new – recreate a warm atmosphere

Enriching and sensual fragranced candle that, when it heats, exudes a sweet and enveloping fragrance of cinnamon creating a halo of warmth, comfort and peace that will calm your senses.

Sperience Privilege Radiance Gold – new format – envelop your skin in gold

Let yourself be seduced by this fluid with velvety texture that covers the body with sensual golden reflections, making it possible for your skin to strongly shine and appear infinitely sensual.

It strengthens the skin’s hydration and nourishment, preventing the appearance of the signs of premature ageing, thanks to the combination of nourishing oils such as macadamia or grapeseed oil with ‘golden seaweed’ extract.

It is a true pleasure for the senses due to its silky and melting texture that instantly enhances a radiant beauty.

You will find Germaine de Capuccini’s products in the best professional aesthetics centres and spas around the world.

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