Hotel Software Pioneer Heads to the Cloud

Since 1994, protel hotel software has raised the bar for innovative state-of-the-art software solutions, proving a keen insight into the requirements and needs of hoteliers. Founded in the beginning of the Windows era, protel hit the ground running by introducing the first property management system with a graphic user interface. When the world went mobile, protel was the first to offer a complete front office application on a mobile touch screen device. At the dawning of the Cloud era, protel is set and ready for the next challenge.

When Cloud computing first appeared on the technology horizon, protel realized early on that the future of IT is mobile and in the Cloud. So as early as 2009, protel acquired the first "Cloud clients" for bookatonce, their brand-new web-based property management software (PMS). protel Air, the feature-rich Cloud PMS for larger hotels and hotel chains, followed soon after. Today, already more than 4,000 clients use Cloud solutions by protel. All of them enjoy a newly-won piece of independence because web-based applications can be accessed through an Internet browser on different types of devices regardless of operating system or native language.

Hoteliers who cannot or do not yet want to move into the Cloud, however, do not have to completely forego its benefits. protel offers a continuously increasing number of web-based modules to extend the on-site protel PMS solutions. These include, for example, the latest version of protel’s web booking engine, protel WBE 4.0, or protel Messenger, a tool to create and send time-controlled or event-triggered text messages. Cloud modules can easily be connected to any on-premises protel PMS, allowing hoteliers to immediately partake of the benefits of the Cloud even though their "leap into the Cloud" may still be some time away.

Ingo Dignas, managing partner of protel hotelsoftware, states the credo of the dedicated software provider for the hotel industry: "Eighteen years of experience and the constant exchange of ideas with 11,000 clients and partners have taught us what the industry needs. We believe that employing new technologies for hotel systems creates innovations that accelerate the industry’s growth and substantially benefits clients and guests." Whatever the requirements, if installed on-site, web-based "in the Cloud" or as a hybrid solution, which combines both worlds: protel provides future-proof software solutions for all kinds of hotels.

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