Onity’s Green Solutions Generate Cost Savings at The Peabody Orlando Hotel

Onity’s SensorStat® DDC thermostat is part of an innovative energy management system installed at The Peabody Orlando hotel that helps to cut energy consumption, provide real-time temperature, occupancy and activity status, and reduce operational costs. Onity is one of the world’s leading providers of electronic locking solutions.

"The hotel industry is proactively embracing energy efficiency programmes that generate tangible savings and reduce overall carbon footprint," said Laird Hamberlin, Onity president. "Onity is committed to developing green solutions that decrease hotel energy costs, without compromising the comfort of their guests. We want to enable companies to operate as sustainable responsible businesses."

The SensorStat DDC thermostats are combined with online energy management software from Control Green, which provides the hotel’s managers with a real-time snapshot of the entire property showing temperature and humidity, the opening and closing of doors, occupancy status, HVAC activity and estimated cost savings per room.

The Peabody Orlando reports solid energy cost savings since the initial installation in January 2011 and is looking forward to seeing incremental savings in the years to come.

"The Peabody Orlando has a long-standing tradition of practising sustainable building operations," stated Michael Jueds, director of engineering, The Peabody Orlando. "We are particularly excited about Onity’s solution as it underscores our commitment to stabilising energy costs while contributing to the preservation of the environment."

Custom Energy Solutions (CESI) installed the energy management system solution with its team of highly trained and professional installation technicicans. CESI also provides training for all hotel staff.

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