Quadriga Launches New Mobile Solutions for Hospitality

Quadriga has announced the launch of its new range of mobile-based communication platforms: QDelegate, QValet and QMenu. The three new platforms all harness the latest mobile technology to enable guests to access relevant information in a format familiar and easy to them, encouraging them to interact, purchase and drive new revenue opportunities for the hotel.

Roger Taylor, CEO of Quadriga, says: "Quadriga works hard to redefine the term ‘guest communications’. We harness the latest technology to deliver tailored solutions to meet specific business needs – enabling our customers to inform, communicate with and entertain their guests, delivering the best possible guest experience as well as developing real opportunities to create revenue, reduce costs and optimise efficiencies."

QDelegate is a new mobile application for event delegates, which can be tailored to each individual event, providing access to all event-related information and real-time updates. QDelegate provides a tool for hotels to add to their conference package and attract new business, for event organisers a means to differentiate and add value to their service, and for delegates an enhanced event experience. Offered as a standalone application or integrated with Quadriga’s Sensiq TV platform, QDelegate is compatible with multiple mobile devices. Event content is simply loaded into QDelegate and includes schedules, presentations, speaker profiles, attendee lists, maps, logistics and exhibitor listings.

QValet and QMenu are both powered by iRiS Software Systems and are designed to deliver an interactive and powerful guest experience that drives guest purchase.

QValet is an innovative mobile service that provides guests with an interactive and easy way to view hotel, local and partner information, make bookings and reservations and purchase products and services, within the hotel and externally. It’s accessible to guests via in-room tablets or downloaded to their personal mobile devices, and redefines how they interact with the hotel and its surroundings.

QMenu is a new tablet application that provides an interactive menu for guests and diners, enhancing wine, bar and food selections, enabling hotels and dining establishments to increase restaurant and bar sales and drive up average order value, create a competitive edge, and update menus and prices in an instant.

Roger Taylor concludes, "Our range of TV and mobile platforms now addresses guest communications from in-room to throughout the hotel, from the guest TV to a range of guest mobile devices and from before the guest arrives, through their stay and after they have departed. Our ultimate aim is to deliver a completely seamless guest experience, whatever the device and wherever the guest."

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