The professional skincare firm Germaine de Capuccini is one of the partners that make up the Spanish Luxury Association ‘Luxury Spain’, whose official presentation took place last 31 May at the Hotel Villa Magna in Madrid by its honorary president, Princess Béatrice d’Orléans.

The Spanish Luxury Association is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to promote and protect Spanish luxury and quality brands, making them known inside and outside our frontiers.

One of its missions is to promote Spanish luxury brands in order to become an active support agent of Made in Spain by creating partnerships that provide added value and increase the representativness of the Spanish luxury market.

Under the umbrella ‘Luxury Spain’ the organisation intends to unite the Spanish luxury brands to increase the impact and relevance as an associated organisation.

The organisation has 18 national members, among which are Germaine de Capuccini in the skincare sector and other known firms of fashion, luxury jewelry, gastronomy, tourism, entertainment, health and beauty, artisanship, sailing, real estate and training, such as Elena Benarroch, the jewelers Suárez, the Planas and Planas Day Clinic, Sergi Arola, the Sha Wellness Clinic, Carmen Navarro, the Aguas hotels in Ibiza, Asia Gardens, Gran Hotel Bahía Duque, La Florida Barcelona and the Villa Magna, the Tandem Luxury Travel travel agency and the car brand Hurtan.