Germaine de Capuccini has signed a collaboration agreement with the Sandra Ibarra Foundation of Solidarity Against Cancer by which our firm will donate €5 to the Sandra Ibarra Foundation for the purchase of the product Replenish & Lift Bust designed for embellishing the breasts.

The main objective of this agreement is the early detection of cancer, as highlighted by the president of the foundation, Sandra Ibarra, who has overcome cancer twice. “This agreement is a new impulse to contribute with the essential tools we have against cancer: early detection.”

Raúl Vidal, commercial director of Germaine de Capuccini, declared that this agreement is included in the philosophy of social responsibility of Germaine de Capuccini, who approached this project with the creation of Replenish & Lift Bust, a product for caring for women’s breasts that is a solidary contribution against cancer, and to make consumers of the product more aware, as they will find in the product a guide on how to self-explore their breasts.

The agreement between the two organisations also includes a future project for training aesthetics professionals to detect any anomaly on the skin that could turn into cancer.