At Cosmoprof 2010, Lemi introduced its latest news for wellness centers and spas as well as to show its engagement in the environmental conservation.

The environmental question is an extremely living matter connected to the climatic changes of our planet, which influence the view of the future and may foretell even drastic changes of status quo. In this context, the entrepreneurial world must be properly committed to play an important role by implementing real actions to guarantee the ecosystem preservation.

The attempt to improve the present conditions in order to preserve acceptable living conditions for future generations is strictly linked to the vision of a role, of a real involvement in the environmental protection. Lemi plays this role by revising its products to generate the minimum environmental impact: all visitors had the chance to experience this vision by visiting Lemi booth and by observing and testing the brand new Confortium and Eikos tables.

Use, do not waste, re-use: this could be Lemi motto, the core of a very pragmatic way to show dedication to the environment by means of that working culture which distinguishes Lemi Group and helped it to become a true leader in the wellness, medical and podological fields.

In this way, speaking about Confortium and Eikos, it is important to underline the use of a special skai, a pleasing-to-touch and long-lasting textile, easy to clean but, overall, deriving from renewable resources, where the toxicity of the components is almost non-existing. This material combines a natural look with key technical characteristics: high abrasion-resistance, high fastness to light, low emissions, disinfectant and blood-resistant, Ökotek standard 100 and GOTS certificates. Moreover, it meets the medical-biological standards according to DIN EN ISO 10993-5+10.

Besides, the structure of these tables can be really called eco-friendly, since the wood used to produce them is FSC certificated; therefore, it doesn’t come from forests or natural preserves.

Having to choose between speaking and acting, Lemi has always preferred to conjugate this last verb: this behavior has been seen as a symbol of quality for all Lemi products, but when we speak about environment it also shows a concrete commitment to safeguard the rights of future generations to have an ecosystem which can be really called in this way.