dnp denmark flat screen

dnp is launching a range of optical flat screens for use in meeting rooms and smaller classrooms.

With a highly attractive size-cost-quality profile, the new screens represent an important step in the evolution of this category. They meet the users’ demands for larger display sizes (100in) while remaining affordable for companies, educational institutions and homeowners.

dnp VP global sales and marketing Søren Kræmmergaard said: "If the market is clear about one thing, it’s that big is truly beautiful when it comes to display technology.

"The problem is that when you take ordinary flat screens over 80in in size, there is a disproportionate price increase."

With its latest offer, dnp is changing this paradigm. Its new optical flat screens are based on optical screen technology, and powered by a laser projector mounted over the screen, which shoots down from a steep angle. They give users the same image quality as LED screens, except in a 100in model, and at a highly competitive price.

"The display is mounted on the wall in a similar way to LED flat screens," Kræmmergaard added.

"And since it is a short throw solution, users never need to worry about stepping into the beam while presenting."

Complete bundled solution

A second innovation is that dnp has made it easier than ever for dealers to sell and install their products. Everything the customer needs is contained in the box, including screen, projector and wall mount.

"It’s the first time in our 30 year history we’ve chosen to provide a complete bundled solution," Kræmmergaard said.

The flat screen market has been evolving steadily in recent years, and with its new offer, dnp carries the category another step forward, addressing a clear market need for plug and play display systems in large sizes.

"We see a huge market potential for our new 100in optical flat screens in medium-sized meeting rooms and classrooms," Kræmmergaard said.

"We also expect that many private owners of 60in to 84in flat screen TVs will be interested in upgrading to a 100in screen."

The new optical flat screen concept is due for commercial release in June and will be presented at this year’s InfoComm Show in Orlando.

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Image: A 100in optical flat screen. Photo: courtesy of dnp denmark.