First we had 60in LCD flat-screens. Then came 80in LED. Now, dnp is pleased to introduce a new generation of 100in optical flat-screens that offer an attractive size-cost-quality profile. See the live demo at InfoComm India in Mumbai, from 1 to 3 September at the dnp booth #C35.

Introducing dnp LaserPanels

dnp’s new optical flat-screen solution, the dnp LaserPanel, is based on optical screen technology, and is powered by a laser projector mounted above or below the screen, shooting from a steep angle. The display gives users a comfortable viewing quality compared to LED screens, and at a highly competitive price.

One stop bundled solutions

The new display solution is available in convenient, easy-to-sell bundled solutions. Customers can choose between the standard model and the dnp LaserPanel Touch, which has a rigid screen, interactive camera and IR pens for interactive presentation. Both variants come with everything you need in the box, including the screen, projector, and wall mounts.

You can register for free here.