greenpark hotel

Hyderabad-based Indian hospitality chain GreenPark Hotels and Resorts has increased online sales and revenue by optimising distribution through eRevMax channel management solutions. All properties of the group are using RateTiger for availability, rates and inventory (ARI) updates across online sales channels including reservation delivery.

GreenPark Hotels and Resorts have five properties located in Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam and Chennai. RateTiger by eRevMax helps the chain increase online sales by ensuring real-time room availability across all distribution points through automatic adjustment from a pooled inventory strategy. All reservations made on these distribution channels are captured and available inventory automatically redistributed helping the hotels push last-room availability thus ensuring maximum occupancy.

"RateTiger provides us with all the major channels to efficiently distribute rates and inventory," said GreenPark Hotels and Resorts group revenue manager Antariksh Mathur.

"We have enjoyed excellent online sales growth over the past several years with RateTiger as our channel manager. Instant updates to all our channels, the ability to modify last minute rates and maintain tighter control of our inventory has contributed to higher occupancy and revenue."

"GreenPark has been using RateTiger for a few years now, as it allows its hotel properties to easily analyse the market," said John Seaton, eRevMax VP – sales, EMEA & APAC.

"Each property has been able to take control of its sales channels by updating rates and inventory across multiple distribution channels and travel portals in real-time. By utilising the RateTiger Shopper reports, the hotels have gained better rate opportunities to improve their market position."

GreenPark Hotels has been using Reservation Reports, a key module in RateTiger, to monitor channel performance and map demographics of their customers. Through booking analysis, the group was able to identify the top-performing channels and offer customised packages to their key markets. The chain is monitoring rate parity across all its channels through RateTiger Shopper; the leading price intelligence tool in the industry. Further, to optimise its room rates and improve price forecasting, the team is also tracking competitor rates and sales position through the rate reports and live alerts that Shopper provides.

Online travel in India is expected to grow at around 25% this year, according to a report by eMarketer. The intense competition in the Indian hospitality sector has made it important for accommodation providers to optimise all demand sources. GreenPark Hotels is leveraging eRevMax’s superior connectivity with more than 100 global and regional distributors, including OTAs, tour operators and wholesalers, to reach out to new markets.

RateTiger, from eRevMax, is a fully integrated channel management and connectivity solution that entirely automates the connection between hotel inventory systems and distribution channels, regardless of business model, connectivity type or geography.

Image: GreenPark hotel. Photo: courtesy of eRevMax.