Corporate buyers will be able to gain greater control over hotel room rate negotiations and compliance with the inclusion of intelligent rate parameter data in their benchmarking reports. RateTiger’s introduction of rate filtering technology to its award winning rate data product, RTCorp, will provide direct hotel pricing comparisons in line with hotel product type.

Travel companies, Online Travel Agents (OTAs) and corporate buyers can now check rates based on room type and meal plan in RTCorp version 1.3.5 featuring Rate Parameter Shopping (RPS). In addition, users have the flexibility to create their own room types in case default room type definitions do not cover the specific requirements.

Corporate buyers will have the business intelligence to match travel expenditure to their budgets and give travellers greater flexibility of hotel choice based on Best Available Rates (BAR).

"Corporate travelers are noticing fluctuations in Best Available Rates (BAR) online and need to compare these public prices to their negotiated contracts to ensure they are getting the best deal. Comparing a standard double, including breakfast – in real-time – will provide that competitive advantage", said Keith Watson, Head of Commercial Operations at RateTiger – eRevMax International. "Buyers need to shop rates that are comparable to their purchases, by setting simple filters that identify room types and meal plans, etc therefore making more accurate price comparisons. Crucially all filters are shopped regardless of the specific view defined. This allows the user to change the parameters after the shop without the need to shop again, making more detailed data available faster."

Both travel bookers and online travel agents can monitor hotel rates across multiple channels to ensure that prices are reflective of negotiated rates or conform to contractual agreements. This data can be extracted from thousands of travel websites and hotel sites and the Global Distribution Systems (GDS).