As one of the most flexible and innovative IPTV providers Nevron is announcing the launch of its Android-based hotel TV system.

A new boundary of hospitality TV industry has been achieved with the launch of Android-based hotel TV systems. The most engaging and fastest graphical interfaces, access to popular web services, top quality of service and affordable prices are just some of the advantages offered by Android-based hotel TV systems.

Make your guests feel special

The top priority goal for introduction of an IPTV system in any hotel is to enhance the awareness of its unique identity, to promote its available services and to get in line with guests’ demands as they appear. Get closer to your guests with Nevron’s unique hotel TV system and make them feel special.

Attractive graphical user interface

Powered by Android OS, hotel TV user interfaces can be dynamic, attractive and rich with effects and animations. All these appealing features don’t slow down the responsive times. Thanks to the graphical accelerators, the system is fast and smooth, and much faster than similar products from the past.

Engaging applications

The Nevron hotel TV system supports fully functional web browsing. Until now most IPTV browsers were seriously limited in comparison to the full web browsing experience. Fully functional web browsing allows usage of most popular web services, such as YouTube, Skype, Picasa, Google Maps and many others. All these web services can be offered to the hotels guest together with hotel oriented TV services, such as hotel VOD, service catalogue or advertisement features, which enhance hotel profits and lower operational expenses.

Quality of TV services

Most of the Android set-top-boxes / TV boxes available on the market are developed for the home consumer market and are focused on supporting OTT services, where quality depends on the internet traffic and can be very low sometimes. But for hotels such video quality is not acceptable since the quality has to be constantly high. With its own Android set-top-box Nevron has achieved constant high video quality, which is the same all the time and independent from web traffic.

Affordable prices

Nevron is putting much effort into providing hotels with TV systems that are of the highest quality yet affordable. A step towards such a goal is taking advantage of ARM-based STB hardware and widely used Android OS, the functionality of which is developed constantly and rapidly.

Nevron support services

Feel free to get in touch with Nevron in order to get more information about its Android-based hotel TV system. At the same time you will get a chance to experience Nevron’s highly personalised support, constant availability and readiness to adapt to specific hotel TV project needs.

Apply for a free DEMO

You are most welcome to apply for a fully functional DEMO of Android-based hotel TV. Upon request Nevron will provide you with a free DVD, containing all required Nevron IPTV software and video content for evaluation purposes. After reception of the Nevron DEMO DVD our technical experts will also be at your disposal to guide you through installation, configuration and evaluation purposes.