Quadriga Americas has announced that it is deploying fully system-integrated Samsung Smart TVs into several thousand hotel rooms across the country. Quadriga, a leading international provider of guest technology managed services for the hospitality industry, is the only provider that is able to offer hotel customers a seamless integrated IPTV solution via all leading Smart TV brands, including Samsung, LG and Philips.

Deployments of Quadriga’s market-leading Sensiq interactive IPTV solution, integrated with Samsung Smart TVs, include the prestigious Beverly Wilshire hotel, California, where all 355 guest rooms were installed within just two weeks, and Sixty SoHo and Sixty Beverly Hills.
These prestigious properties are now able to offer their guests the benefits of the latest hospitality technology to help deliver an unrivalled guest experience, whilst also being able to communicate directly with guests in their room, to promote their brand and their services.

Christopher Sophinos, Quadriga Americas CEO, comments: "We are delighted to be working with Samsung to deliver a non-STB Samsung SmartTV solution to our customers, delivering all of the benefits of our STB Sensiq solution, including Hollywood movie content from Hollywood’s major movie studios.

"This offers an extremely cost-effective guest entertainment and communication solution for the hotel and a superb home-from home entertainment experience for the guest."

Quadriga has worked with Samsung to integrate its own market-leading technology into its latest range of Smart TVs, including its IPTV platform, Sensiq and award-winning PMN® application. This eliminates the requirement for a separate set-top box and additional cabling, thus reducing the overall capex and opex investment for customers. This solution enables hoteliers to install and operate a complete Sensiq front-end solution with Samsung’s latest Smart TVs, on any network infrastructure, including coax. This is enabled by Quadriga’s CoCo solution, a single headend box that uses the last mile of coaxial cabling to deliver a carrier-grade IP network to every guest room, replacing the need to put in new Cat5/6 cabling.