Quadriga, a leading international provider of guest technology managed services for the hospitality industry, has announced a new personal video recorder (PVR) and Pause Live TV capability that allows guests to pause and record programmes on the in-room hotel TV. This ensures uninterrupted TV viewing for guests, including popular global events such as the World Cup.

The new PVR function is available as part of Quadriga’s leading interactive IPTV solution, Sensiq, which integrates TV, mobile and Internet. PVR allows guests to record future programmes and fast-forward or rewind when playing these programmes back. Recorded programmes are available to view up until the guest checks-out. Pause Live TV allows guests to temporarily stop (pause) a programme they are watching, for example if they need to take a call or leave the room.

Paul Wilson, Quadriga’s partnership and product director / EVP partnerships and product adds: "PVR and Pause Live TV are fantastic examples of Quadriga’s commitment to continue to evolve its products and technology to deliver enhanced functionality, a superior guest experience and ultimately to maximise guest satisfaction for its customers."

These exciting new Sensiq features provide guests with easy-to-use TV functionality, delivering a familiar home-from-home TV viewing and entertainment experience. To record a programme guests simply open the programme guide, select the programme they wish to record, highlight it and press OK on the TV remote control. To access or manage recorded programs guests select the ‘My Recordings’ option on the Sensiq menu and to pause a TV channel simply press the green button on the TV remote control. Guests who have paired their mobile device with the in-room TV to access the functionality of Sensiq Mobile, can also conveniently control the PVR and Pause Live TV functionality via the on screen virtual remote control.

Quadriga’s new PVR and Pause Live TV features will be available to qualifying existing and new Sensiq customers, on a free trial basis.