Rocco Forte Hotels has partnered with eRevMax to benefit from real-time pricing data, managed report services and competitor rate analysis to maintain its market leadership position.

The five-star European property portfolio has taken room rate management to a new level of sophistication.

Using intuitive market intelligence data available from RateTiger Shopper that provides insight to each property’s market position against local competitive sets, Rocco Forte Hotels can maintain that extra ‘edge’ and communicate its true value to its loyal customer-base.

Further, the managed reports feature offers flexibility in terms of rate report frequency (daily, weekly and monthly), as well as the enhanced quality of shopped data which allows Rocco Forte to make pricing decisions confidently.

Rocco Forte Hotels group director of revenue management Christopher Cooper said: "My principal reason for selecting eRevMax’s Rate Shopping tool is the pursuit of best-in-class technology throughout all levels within the field of pricing and distribution, which we believe RateTiger represents."

"eRevMax’s direct interface with Ideas RMS delivers all rate data into a single repository that makes our rate analysis immediate. Our properties can make more intuitive rate decisions by matching Ideas rate recommendations with live rates across the sales channels. This gives us full control over our pricing decisions and revenue strategies."

eRevMax vice-president sales EMEA John Seaton said: "Rocco Forte Hotels offers luxurious world-class accommodation and it’s our pleasure to be a partner in their success. With RateTiger, the hotel group optimises its current and future rates by matching pricing data ‘apples-to-apples’ for effective rate decision-making. Furthermore, the Rocco Forte Hotels team can also monitor rate parity across various sales channels for all their properties, easily and efficiently."

RateTiger’s shopping data is in demand for the qualitative and real-time value it provides to hotels. The real-time nature of the data will assist Rocco Forte Hotels by maximising the rate opportunity for each property in its distribution network, allowing the company to maintain their rate leadership value proposition.

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