Integrated booking online now available with Scrigno

From now, the new online booking of Scrigno innovatively integrates a CMS (content management system) with a booking engine.

Fully integrated through web services, it offers a more accurate setting of the contents, and a customised layout.

The booking engine is also fully integrated into the Scrigno management software, with the advantage that bookings, availability and rates are managed in real time by the PMS (Property Management System).


  • Thanks to the global integration of the booking online into an evolved CMS (content management system), it is possible to fully customise the layout
  • Multi-tariff management and multi-room booking
  • For the hotel chains, the facility to display several hotels on just one page
  • Total integration of the booking process into the website of the hotel, avoiding access other domains
  • Greater effectiveness in the communication and in SEO thanks to the possibility of personalising the offers with texts, photos and videos
  • Complete integration with Scrigno for managing room rates, discount formulas, payments, deposits, including managing subsequent payments
  • Analysis and optimisation of all the booking process through integration with Google Analytics

From the user side, the process is easy and user-friendly: it lets you quickly meet your needs using alternative communication channels to email and telephone, that translate into considerable savings in time and money, while enhancing convenience, speed and ease of communication.

The process continues with the choice of the dates of intended stay and the type of room to book, according to the rates proposed.
It then continues with the entering of the necessary personal information, acceptance of data protection laws and the purchase conditions.

Depending on how the system is set up, credit-card data can be requested as a guarantee, or the user can be referred to the page to make an electronic payment.

At the end of the process, the booking and the confirmation email are added into Scrigno without any manual intervention by the bookings operators. The customer receives a confirmation e-mail.

Cancellations may be made directly from the homepage of the B2C system; at the same time the booking will be cancelled in Scrigno and the booking file will be updated. In this case too an email is sent to the customer confirming the cancellation.