dnp WVF screen

dnp is launching a new product in the rear projection product line for video wall cubes.

The dnp wide view FEL screen (WVF Screen) is the lastest addition to the company’s product range, which currently offers dnp Ultra Contrast Screen, dnp Cross Prism Screen, dnp FXS Screen, dnp CSI Screen and dnp Black Bead Screen.

dnp Ultra Contrast Screen is the entrance level display offering a relatively high peak brightness, with limited viewing angles, where the dnp Cross Prism Screen, dnp FXS Screen, dnp CSI Screen and dnp Black Bead Screen are high-end products offering significantly improved viewing angles.

The new dnp WVF Screen fills the gap between the two product groups and with a peak gain of 2.0, a horizontal ½-gain angle of 38° and a vertical ½-gain angle of 21°, this new screen is perfect for small and mid-size display walls, where a superb image quality is required at limited costs.

The design of the dnp WVF Screen is the same as all other dnp cube screens based on an advanced Black Stripe lens technology, which absorbs the majority of ambient light, while transmitting the majority of the projector brightness. dnp is the only screen manufacturer offering this advanced Black Stripe lens technology.

dnp WVF Screen is available in all sizes up to 1,600mm x 1,200mm and with a variety of Fresnel focal lengths to fit the actual projection engine optics.

Image: The rear projection WVF Screen. Photo: courtesy of dnp denmark.