Coffee accompanies our lives, the whole day long, less and less as a quick, hot drink and more and more frequently as an essential element of a breakfast, snack, lunch or with a piece of cake or biscuits.

The latest porcelain concept from Tafelstern is as diverse and full of variety as today’s coffee culture: the variety of forms and the terraced design of the Solutions flatware make the collection an impressive and supremely functional shape that integrates seamlessly into the familiar Tafelstern modular system.

An extraordinary formal vocabulary with everyday practicality

The stepped design of the flatware and platters creates visual counterpoints while simultaneously providing steady support for cups, bowls and glasses. The slight asymmetry of the inner surfaces in relation to the rims provides a larger area to be gripped by the thumb when serving. The unique aroma of coffee unfolds perfectly in the inviting, conically fluted form of the cups.

The rectangular shape of the plates is not simply a contemporary design characteristic – it also makes the best use of space for table settings, in counters or when stacking in cupboards.

A diversity of shapes and sizes for all possible uses

No matter whether coffee itself is the key revenue-bringer, or is an accompaniment to your range of foods, Solutions unites all demands on appropriate porcelain in a single, innovative concept that even embraces a range of serving flatware and glasses. Set the stage for speciality coffees from espresso to cappuccino with cups and saucers in finest porcelain. Simply add a plate to create a stylish setting with a glass of water.

The collection also includes a glass for serving macchiato that is ideally complemented by an oval porcelain saucer for a milk jug and sugar. A special teacup and characteristic teapot with a strainer for loose tea cater for the needs of tea lovers. The collection is ideally complemented by a range of plates in ‘tiered look’ featuring asymmetrical inner surfaces that offer particularly stylish opportunities for serving fine foods.

The eye-catching plates and platters offer a perfect setting for confectionery and snacks, or serve as a platform for bowls of soup or other delicacies. The elongated platter is not only ideal for sandwiches, but also for the presentation of small bowls of dip for finger food.

Amuse-gueules can be attractively presented on the innovatively designed gourmet spoons that are also ideal for the presentation of chocolates. The macchiato glass also offers enticing opportunities for the presentation of desserts – gracefully served on a platter in finest porcelain.

Modularity and unique creative opportunities for all occasions

The world of coffee offers immense variety. Solutions from Tafelstern offers a porcelain concept that sets the stage for a buffet breakfast just as well as for room service or for serving a light lunch. Its variety of forms inspires entirely new serving ideas in restaurants, bistros or coffee shops and offers you freedom to create fascinating combinations with pieces from other Tafelstern collections.