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Automatic Mini-Bar Systems for Hotels

BARTECH has been providing automatic mini-bars to the hospitality industry for more than 20 years.

18/22 Rue D'Arras,
Bâtiment C4,
92000 Nanterre,

18/22 Rue D'Arras,
Bâtiment C4,
92000 Nanterre,

BARTECH has been providing automatic mini-bars to the hospitality industry for more than 20 years.

Already selected by major hotel chains such as Hilton, Starwood, Marriott, Hyatt, Jumeirah, Pan Pacific, Kempinski and many others, BARTECH is now the world’s leading company in its field with fully automatic minibars installed in more than 60 countries. Our system controls all types of operations: major chain and independent hotels, boutiques and casinos.

Our company’s experience and long-term relations with the major hotel chains have allowed us to develop an unequalled expertise for minibar operations in luxury hotels.

Automatic minibars

Automatic minibars are the best option for highest efficiency and profitability.

Bartech offers different styles available for any property: economy, mid-scale, and luxury. Automatic minibars can be managed via tablet and other smart devices and attendants make adjustments in real-time.

In addition to the convenience of an automatic minibar, Bartech products increase guest satisfaction by affording more privacy to non-consuming guests. tracks expiration of products, has parental keypad capability, an optional guest storage area, uses convenient, web-based software, and uses cutting-edge sensor technology for product detection.

Bartech’s automatic minibars also typically obtain ROI in 12-18 months and are highly customisable to fit any room décor or design.


eTrays can be placed anywhere in the room, even the guest bathroom, to provide additional luxury amenities.

At a highly affordable price, Bartech’s eTrays are a good amenity choice for any property: economy, midscale, and luxury. Our flexible eTray model can be wired-to-minibar or fully wireless and standalone, and hold almost any dry, billable product such as souvenirs.

eTray affordability also allows for lower priced items to improve guest satisfaction and strengthen impulse purchases. eTrays typically achieve ROI within 12-18 months, are fully automatic with real-time reporting, and use state-of-the-art infrared sensors for the best product detection in the industry.


Bartech’s innovative Neotray countertop unit, which can also be placed inside of a drawer, has 15 sensors with product lay-down capability to fit full 750ml bottles.

The Neotray is fully lockable for cash-only guests, by request or families with children. Our Neotray featured fully customizable sides, top handle, and glass to compliment any hotel or room design. Bartech’s clever and flexible uses infrared product detection and also has parental control keypad capability for the utmost in guest control.

The Neotray is also fully automatic, posts to the guest’s folio in real-time, and is managed by attendants with smart devices such as iPads.


The eDrawer is an excellent option for hotels who need to conceal the minibar within the room design.

With 15 products in the main drawer, in vertical oriented, top-down viewpoint, the eDrawer also provides an integrated snack tray that holds 8 products. The eDrawer is compatible with external eTrays and is fully automatic for accurate posting to the guest folio, in real-time.

The eDrawer is highly customizable with the unique feature of the ability to use the property’s own millwork door for an uninterrupted and seamless design. Bartech’s eDrawer is also capable of parental keypad control and is managed by attendants via tablets and other smart devices, eliminating paper waste and inaccuracies.

BarTouch Software

One of the most unique products exclusively created by Bartech Systems, BarTouch integrates with existing traditional manual minibars or other billable in-room amenities, including non-Bartech bars and products.

BarTouch is compatible with any PMS interface and is managed through convenient tablets or other smart devices with real-time reporting and adjustments. Bartech’s BarTouch software also allows for the tracking of employee productivity, is extremely user-friendly, and greatly aids in revenue analysis, such as reporting product costs and guest consumption.

BarTouch’s functionality also allows for the indication of Do Not Disturb rooms as well as which rooms were checked by an attendant to reduce or eliminate frustration to non-consuming (or privacy-seeking) guests.


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18/22 Rue D'Arras

Bâtiment C4

92000 Nanterre


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