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SuitePad provides touchscreen tablets and other products for the hotel room, designed to improve communication between hoteliers and their guests.

Our tablets and related software offer centralised platforms allowing guests to access information about the hotel and the surrounding area, book and order products and services from their room, as well as receive and send messages to the front desk.

SuitePad was named Best Guest Room Tablet in the 2020 HotelTechAwards.

Hardware for hotel guests

SuitePad products are designed to improve the guest experience while helping hotels increase revenue and reduce costs. The market is already saturated with online booking websites and review sites covering the ‘before’ and ‘after’ stages of a guest’s stay. SuitePad is focused on introducing a modern technological approach during the hotel guest’s stay.

The solution facilitates the upselling of in-house services such as the hotel restaurant, bar and spa while cutting staff costs by reducing operational obligations. With the SuitePad Backend, hoteliers have access to usage statistics so they can optimise the performance of the device to the hotel’s specific requirements.

Digital directory for hotel guests

SuitePad Digital Guest Directory is our flagship product that acts as a central point for information and services. Guests can use it from the comfort of their room to discover what the hotel has to offer, order room service, book spa appointments and more.

Hotel in-browser solution for the guest’s own device

SuitePad’s bring-your-own-device (BYOD) is an in-browser solution that allows guests to access the SuitePad interface on their own device from any location. It is designed to allow guests to make special requests before arriving at the hotel, including room service or booking spa treatments.

Modern integrated phone system for hotel rooms

Telephones in hotel rooms help to keep a high star rating, but guests are using them less and less. By integrating a telephone system into the SuitePad and using voice over IP (VOIP) technology, SuitePad offers hoteliers a more economical, effective and modern alternative to the traditional in-room telephone while still keeping their star rating.

Modern TV control solution for hotel rooms

With SuitePad TV Control, guest can filter television channels by language and see what regional TV channels are on offer. It means there are no issues with broken TV remotes or flat batteries, as well as being a more hygienic option.

Sustainable hotel room cleaning service

With SuitePad Green Option, guests can choose not to have their room cleaned every day to cut the environmental impact of their stay. Hotels can also offer a small incentive for this option.

The feature can help hotels cut enough costs to cover the subscription fees of the SuitePads.

About SuitePad

When the company was established in 2012, SuitePad focused on designing software that could run on third-party devices.

It soon became clear that the hotel industry required a product with very particular specifications, including reinforced screens and casing, as well as security features such as no front-facing camera and an in-room docking station.

Since then, SuitePad has been producing its own hardware specifically built for guests in their hotel rooms. The solution is used at more than 50,000 rooms across 800 hotels in 28 countries. The company has more than 60 employees.

SuitePad Phone

Let your guests make free calls to other rooms or reception.

SuitePad Tablet

SuitePad Tablet combines digital guest folder, travel guide, room service menu, TV remote, telephone, and much more, all on one easy-to-use device.

SuitePad TV Control

SuitePad TV Control provides your guests with a seamless watching experience.


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