Sturdy Hotel Lounge Chairs

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Label. Living. Leather. Label stands for Dutch design. We manufacture no-nonsense furniture designed with love and care, produced using honest, natural material allowing for particularly comfortable sitting. Label distinctively expresses itself in leather. Label is recognised as sturdy and solid, real and robust. This industry-recognition is the key to the worldwide success of this company in both the market for consumers and for projects.


Label furniture has identity and shows character. This furniture is sturdy and has a distinctive presence. We offer solid shapes made from a range of quality leather, including Toro, Roughtan, Bruut, Mundial and Buffalo. The range consists of pure, distinctive types of leather from the Indian buffalo, silky soft Spanish bull hide and – an exclusive world premiere: leather of the Tibetan yak.

Far from traditional soft, thin leather, we utilise strong and sturdy leather that lives and can stand rough handling. Our materials are finished with bold, contrasting stitching that makes Label stand out.


Together with internationally renowned designers such as Gerard van den Berg and Roderick Vos, Label intends to become the best in the world in leather. Its furniture to be found everywhere: from living room to restaurant, from conference room to office; from Amsterdam to Tokyo, from New York to Dubai.


The Hidde relax lounge chair is manufactured in sturdy Yak-leather with a five-toe swivelling base in brushed chromium. This is a wonderful lounge chair to find in your hotel room, after a long hard day of negotiating in meetings, visiting fairs or travelling. It is now also available with fitting footstool for additional relax comfort.


The Donna is a very versatile lounge chair intended for the dining room or conference table. The height of the seat and the angle of the back allow for active sitting. The armrests guarantee a relaxed support when lingering at the table. This lounge chair is available on wooden legs (with different finishings), with a carriage of brushed chromium, or on a swivelling base fitted with castors and gas spring.


The Tiba is a comfortable informal lounge chair. The slightly outward orientated armrests allow for additional legroom making it easy to shift slightly to the right or to the left. The Tiba fits well in restaurants, but also in conference rooms or meeting rooms. Legs available optionally in stainless steel, oak wood (different finishings) or fitted with swivelling castors.


The name of our El Buli range immediately conjures up a picture of a sturdy bull in the arena. All lines and legs slightly slant backwards creating a speedy and sporty image for El Buli. Because of its lower seat and covering in sturdy leather, the El Buli is the ideal lounge chair. Ideal for application in both the foyer and in hotel rooms, it is an inviting eye catcher.


A true do-it-all, this Manoe on legs of oak wood easily finds application as a dining room lounge chair, but is also ideal as comfortable desk chair in offices, meeting- and conference rooms.

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