Philips Introduces New Range of Dedicated Hotel TVs

Philips is introducing a new range of TVs to the hospitality industry, bringing the in-home cinematic viewing experience to business and leisure travellers. The new offering includes three ranges of hotel TVs, including the EasySuite range, the PrimeSuite range and the Signature range. With the new range of TVs, Philips offers the widest selection of LED TVs available for the hotel industry today in all screen sizes, with groundbreaking features, and includes the world’s first full HD 3D TV for hotels.

The new range was introduced to Philips’ 125 key distributors from around the globe earlier this month at the Steigenberger Kurhaus Hotel in The Netherlands. The range offers a variety of new benefits, known as the Super Seven, ranging from advancements in sustainability to full-service packages that include extended warranties and rental offerings. The introduction was attended by Arco Buijs, CEO Steigenberger Hotel Group, and Ian Millar of EHL who gave their perspective on the industry’s latest trends.

EasySuite range

Available in screen sizes from 19in to 32in, the new Philips EasySuite range combines reliability, and stylish, slim design with best-in-class picture performance. With the latest LED backlighting technology, the EasySuite is slim in design, and helps save energy compared with conventional flat TVs. Saving up to 50% more energy, the EasySuite not only minimises its impact on the environment but also helps save running costs. With an integrated connectivity panel, this standalone TV also delivers ultimate convenience, allowing hotel guests to connect their digital devices to the TV so that they access their own content when enjoying their hotel stay.

PrimeSuite range

Philips’ PrimeSuite range of TVs offers superior features as well as full compatibility with interactive hotel entertainment systems, making them the most versatile and practical choice for the hospitality industry. With screen sizes ranging from 22in to 42in including LED technology, the PrimeSuite range adds simplicity by offering compatibility with any hotel in-room entertainment system, providing protection of early-window films through digital encryption, and offering easy channel browsing through ThemeTV.

With MyChoice built into the EasySuite and PrimeSuite ranges, Philips offers independent one to three star hotels the possibility to gain additional revenues by selling scratch cards that allow guests to view premium channels whenever they wish. Guests can use the access code provided on the scratch card to watch the channel of their choice, offering a recurring revenue model for the hotel market and additional service to hotel guests.

Signature range

The Philips Signature range brings the cinematic viewing experience to in-room entertainment, setting hotels apart from the rest through a truly different guest experience. These LED TVs offer something truly unique to hotel guests, including the world’s first 58in full HD 3D cinematic proportion LED TV for hotels, the Cinema 21:9. The Cinema 21:9 delivers a true-to-life 3D viewing experience just like at the cinema.

Sound is as important as picture in giving guests a truly different viewing experience. The Cinema 21:9 offers true sound performance with clear and brilliant sound.

Aside from the Cinema 21:9, the 32in and 40in Ambilight TVs and a 46in LED TV, the Philips Aurea TV completes the Signature range, with its distinctive active frame of colourful light. This design TV achieves brilliant and vivid viewing through a soft halo of colourful light that completely surrounds and perfectly matches the colours and light levels on the screen.

Lower energy consumption, lower running costs

As one of the Super Seven benefits offered by Philips, the new range of TVs delivers a truly immersive entertainment experience, whilst helping save energy and reducing costs in every hotel. Philips hotel TVs reduce energy consumption through the SmartPower feature, which dims the backlighting of the TV without compromising on picture quality. As a result, the new Philips range of hotel TVs is more energy efficient than its predecessors or any competitor hotel TV on the market, saving up to €75 in running costs every seven years.

The new range of Philips TVs for hotels will be introduced in October across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

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