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VingCard Elsafe, is the world leader in hotel security technology and has products installed in more than 39,000 properties worldwide, securing in excess of 6.5 million hotel rooms.

Electronic locking systems

VingCard electronic locking system solutions include traditional magnetic-stripe, smartcard systems and the latest radio frequency technology (RFID) contact-less electronic locks compatible with the main ISO standards: ISO 14.443A (MIFARE), ISO 14.443B, ISO15.693, near field communication (NFC), as well as the most reliable and widely spread wireless RF-online solutions.

VISIONLINE by VingCard offers the ideal solution for the most demanding properties. Standalone electronic locks operating in online mode based Zigbee high-security open platforms means:

  • More security and control
  • More services to your guests
  • More efficient and cost-effective hotel operations
  • More efficient front desk operations
  • More efficient engineering and maintenance
  • Less hassle

Hotel safe series

Elsafe provides the only UL-listed (1037) hotel safe series on the market today in keypad and RFID/RF-online models, like the new SENTINEL II and Infinity II series range. Safes can also be offered with an internal power outlet.

Energy management system

The award-winning Orion energy management system by VingCard Elsafe provides an intelligent solution that reduces energy cost, while ensuring guest comfort and contributes to enhance green initiatives.

Orion detects guest presence in the room and allows you to control and manage your A/C cost while rooms are unoccupied, monitoring and maintaining the same temperature comfort level when they return to their rooms. 

The system is an energy management solution and offers full wireless online functionality and a network that can either be set up independently or together with VISIONLINE by VingCard wireless online electronic locks.

Software-based integrated room control dashboard

A revolutionary software-based integrated room control dashboard is an integral part of Orion. This interactive and user-friendly dashboard that for the first time integrates electronic systems and status, including occupancy, locks, safes, lighting, energy management systems and more, allows hotel properties to manage subsystems remotely over the hotel LAN or web-based connection.

Orion dramatically helps you improve your environmental and green initiatives and contributes to reducing global warming.

VingCard Elsafe provides local sales, service and support in nearly 170 countries today.

VingCard Elsafe

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