Kärcher: Cleanliness is Always in Session

Sustainable hygiene management is now a standard practice in the hotel and restaurant business. It improves the wellbeing of guests and reflects the self-image of the business. In addition, professional maintenance extends the service life of the facilities. Cost-conscious managers invest in Kärcher cleaning systems because they are economical in use, intuitive in operation and extraordinarily long-lasting.

The name Kärcher is synonymous with high performance, quality and innovation worldwide. For cleaning expertise that sets standards. For the hotel and hospitality industry, the Kärcher system offers outstanding solutions for all requirements: perfectly balanced machines, accessories and cleaning agents. Top-performing, efficient and economical thanks to innovative technology, low consumption and durability. Inconspicuous and stylish in classic anthracite. Whisper-quiet.

For more information on Kärcher's range of products, please download a copy of the company's brochure for free here.

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