• Milan on the Move

    Milan is celebrated as the style capital of Europe, but most of its hotel guests are still business travellers. HMI editor Kerstin Zumstein asks the general managers of some of...

  • Perks of the Job

    Compensation in the hotel industry is about more than just base salaries and bonuses. HVS’s Chris Mumford looks at the typical employee benefits on offer and outlines how hotels can...

  • Raising the Bar

    Hotel bars are attracting a younger, more discerning urban clientele in addition to their guests. Rebecca Burgess samples this new wave of hotel bars, which are offering serious competition to...

  • Variations on a Theme

    Themed rooms and love hotels have been popular in Japan for many years. They are now beginning to make their mark on European boutique hotel design. Rebecca Burgess tracks down...

  • WiFi Proves its Value

    Wireless internet access is vital to attracting business travellers and conferences. Nigel Ash explains why, despite the expense, WiFi is essential.

  • Access All Areas: the In-Room Revolution

    The guests of the future will want all the latest technology in their hotels rooms. They range from 16 to 60, have limited loyalty to particular brands and technologies, and...

  • Creative Breakthrough

    In a bid to create more individual properties many hotels are giving designers more creative freedom. The results have been spectacular, writes Helen Parton.

  • The Price of Quality

    Salary levels are crucial to attracting and retaining top talent, but what is a fair wage? HVS Executive Search’s Chris Mumford has the answers.

  • UK Hotels Roll the Dice

    The Gambling Act 2005 should be a jackpot winner for the UK hotel industry. Rebecca Burgess looks at the industry’s plans to cash in on the prospect of 24-hour access...

  • Appealing to the Senses

    Designer hotels are a must and Berlin has finally found its own iconic development with the Hotel Q! Kerstin Zumstein is impressed by its avant-garde interior designed by architects Graft.


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