How Trump, Covid and Brexit boosted Canada's talent pool
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How Trump, Covid and Brexit boosted Canada’s talent pool

20 Jan 2021

20 January

Eveline Adomait, an economics professor at the University of Guelph, re-tweeted on how the post-pandemic, post-Trump world, will have huge implications for Canada’s economic recovery.

A recent speech by Tiff Macklem, the Bank of Canada Governor, for instance, stressed on the need for Canada to follow a comprehensive strategy to maintain and enhance its talent-luring advantage.

He further added that Canadian schools and organisations will have to fight harder to retain the well-educated and diverse workforce.

Some experts believe that Canada has been enjoying this advantage for too long, with universities having attracted a pool of international talent and expertise in the past few years.

However, the incoming Biden administration and post-Brexit UK could shift the playing field, thereby forcing Canada to adapt to these changes more carefully in the post-pandemic era, according to Meric Gertler, a professor and the president of University of Toronto.

The pandemic has also emphasised the importance of the public sector in managing and responding to the recovery, Gertler added.

This implies that government effectiveness and entrepreneurial mindsets will take centre stage in shaping successful societies globally.

Canada will then have to focus on roping in scientists, thinkers, scholars, and engineers to develop in-house solutions along with the existing talent to meet the global challenges.

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