24 April

There are now over 2.6 million cases (58,500+ new) and over 184,000 deaths (5,400+ new) of Covid-19 worldwide.

The US has reported the most cases (842,600+), followed by Spain (213,000+) and Italy (187,000+).

There are at least 187 countries that have reported COVID-19 cases.

Japan changed their method of reporting deaths to include both (i) the number of deceased cases with complete data matching and verification and (ii) deceased cases whose data matching and verification are in progress.

The increase in the number of deaths in Japan can be attributed to this change (WHO situation report).

Italy reported its second consecutive day of decreasing active cases. Continued monitoring of data will be needed over the coming days to determine whether Italy has past its peak.

Judy Nanthavong, MPH Epidemiologist, GlobalData