US: Deaths and hospitalisations continued to fall in New York, with governor Andrew Cuomo declaring “the worst is over”. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump claimed “total authority” over the country’s pandemic response.

Russia: President Vladimir Putin said that the military could be deployed to help tackle the coronavirus outbreak. The country reported its highly daily infection figures yet on Monday, and Putin said the situation was “changing practically every day, and unfortunately not for the better”.

United Kingdom: The UK could be in lockdown for at least another month, the government’s chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance said yesterday. Vallance said he expected the number of coronavirus-related deaths to continue rising this week, before reaching a plateau that could last up to three weeks.

France: President Emmanuel Macron said coronavirus restrictions would lift on 11 May as long as the number of cases continued to drop and citizens were “civic, responsible and respected the rules”.

Spain: Some workers previously deemed “non-essential”, including construction workers, returned to work as the daily coronavirus death toll continued to fall.

India: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has extended the nationwide coronavirus lockdown until 3 May. The announcement came on what was to be the final day of the initial lockdown period.

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