Germany-based Bavaria Hotels International (BHI) is planning add 2,314 hotel rooms in two years in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

The expansion includes the 420-room Bavaria Executive Suites Sharjah, the 1,100-room Bavaria Executive Suites in Dubai, the 145-room Bavaria City Suites in Doha, the 524-room Bavaria Regent Suites in Dubai and the 125-room Bavaria Executive Suites in Riyadh.

Bavaria Hotels is also planning to open six additional hotels, comprising 2,230 rooms, by 2015.

The hotels include the 575-room Bavaria Cornice Hotel Sharjah, the 350-room Bavaria City Suites Dubai, the 600-room Bavaria Hotel and Suites Dubai, the 150-room Bavaria Bayview Suites Fujairah, the 245-room Bavaria Hotel Sohar Oman and the 125-room Bavaria City Suites in Saudi Arabia.

Bavaria Hotels is also planning to expand its hotel portfolio in emerging markets like Africa and Asia.