The US hotel industry reported a 3.1% rise in occupancy to 67.3%, a 4.4% increase in ADR and a 7.6% growth in revPAR, according to data from STR Global.

The states of Michigan, Georgia and Washington posted double-digit occupancy increases with 12.1% to 75.4%, 10.6% to 59.1% and 10.1% to 89.3%, respectively.

Illinois recorded a 9.5% fall in occupancy to 59.1%, a 0.1% decline in ADR and a 9.5% drop in revPAR, while California posted a 14% increase in ADR.

Oahu Island, Seattle, Detroit, San Francisco / San Mateo and Minneapolis-St Paul registered revPAR increases of more than 15% with 17.7%, 17.2%, 16.8%, 15.4% and 15.3%, respectively.

Occupancy in the luxury segment rose by 7% to 71.8%, ADR was up by 6.6% and revPAR increased by 14.1%, while the midscale segment posted a 1.2% ADR fall.