Pod hotel YOTEL has opened its doors In Gatwick airport with 46 cabins at the South Terminal. Inspired by first-class airline cabins, YOTEL aims to provide a ‘first-class’ hotel experience at affordable prices. The cabins range from premium to economy class and come equipped with en-suite bathrooms, Wifi and internet access as well as a suite of entertainment systems. Meals and refreshments can be ordered from the TV system and then delivered to your cabin. There is also ‘The Galley’ where the cabin crew are available 24 hours a day.

YOTEL is aimed at travellers flying out on early morning flights and long scheduled transfers, as well as those facing unexpected flight delays and cancellations. The cabins can be booked just a few hours in advance. “In the 21st century, luxury will be available to everybody at the right cost and this is a taste of that future,” comments Simon Woodroffe, founder of YO! Group. “Travelling can be a painful experience so we are looking to making it as pleasurable as possible for YOTEL customers. We expect this radical approach to be extremely popular with a range of consumers and are looking to expand YOTEL globally.”

YOTEL will also be opening at Heathrow Airport in the coming months and are planning to open at other major international cities and airports. Prices range from £25 for four hours for a standard cabin. A premium cabin will cost from £40 for four hours, and from £80 overnight.

YOTEL and pod hotels will feature in the Summer 2007 edition of Hotel Management International.

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