Sheraton Hotels and Resorts has announced a new in-room entertainment initiative for its US hotels, which will give guests access to sneak previews of TV show season premieres and on-demand sports coverage.

Scene @ Sheraton has four components, ‘sneak previews’, ‘sports at your fingertips’, ‘meaningful music’ and ‘always something good to watch’.

Through an industry exclusive partnership with Showtime, ‘sneak previews’ gives advanced access to series and season premieres of the networks television programmes, such as Dexter and Brotherhood.

The sports channel will show any NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL game airing nationwide with all-day, on-demand access.

‘Meaningful music’ is the hospitality industry’s first ‘co-branded music channel’ offering videos, behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive interviews with a wide range of Sony BMG artists.

‘Always something good to watch’ will showcase up to 30 popular former television programmes, including groundbreaking episodes of iconic series.

In autumn, Sheraton will also launch a travel channel, showing documentaries from Discovery, TLC and Travel Channel, combined with footage from a variety for Sheraton destinations.