Hotels are increasingly turning to sporting venues to attract new clientele and extend their brand into new areas, according to new research by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

PwC says the number of hotel rooms attached to sports stadiums has grown by 13% a year since 1998, totalling 11 hotels with 1,314 rooms.

It expects the market to continue to grow and forecasts the number of hotel rooms will triple over the next nine years.

PwC sport and leisure leader Julie Clark says the growth potential for this niche market is worth serious consideration by hotel operators.

“We have seen significant growth in the past decade, but the greatest opportunity is yet to come as penetration levels remain low and more sporting venues announce plans to redevelop their venues,” she says.

“Currently only about 8% of football stadia and 16% of racecourse venues have hotel attached so the scope for growth is enormous.”