A British smoker has been ordered to pay cleaning costs after smoking in a non-smoking hotel room.

In a ruling that could pave the way for hoteliers to take errant guests to court, Judge Nicholas Greenfield of the Lewes County Court in England, ruled the guest had broken his contract with the hotel by breaking the no smoking rule.

The guest at Melverley Heights Guest House in Ipswich admitted smoking two cigarettes out the window of his room, but denied smoking excessively causing the room to “reek” as alleged by the hotel owners.

The hotel’s owners sued for the loss of one night’s income and the cost of stripping and cleaning the room.

Judge Greenfield found in favour of the hotel and ordered the guest to pay a total of £270.

Previously, hotels have had little recourse to guests smoking in non-smoking rooms, although hotels used by businesses on contract advise individual smokers will not be welcomed back if they violate the rules.

By staff writer