The Sheraton Waikiki Hotel and Resort in Hawaii is seeking permission to build rock barriers in order to create a beach near the hotel.

The hotel is built close to the shoreline which only has a beach during very low tides – a common problem on the island, which is plagued by sand erosion.

According to local media reports, the Sheraton wants to extend T-shaped rock barriers into the water, limiting sand erosion and creating a 38,000ft² beach at the rear of the hotel.

The project, which will cost up to US$4m, is part of the hotel’s US$750m renovation project.

Sheraton claims the project will provide a place for coral to grow, shelter for small fish and will not affect surf breaks.

However, it is expected the project, which is yet to gain planning permission, will face steep opposition from local surf groups, who successfully halted a similar project in 2000.

By staff writer