The Domina Hotel Group is moving into India, taking on the management of an extra 25 hotels with Shristi Holding, an Indian real estate firm.

The Italian hotel chain, which already has a strong European presence and is opening hotels in Milan, St Petersburg, Luxor in Egypt and Manama in Bahrain, says its new Indian hotels are expected to be valued at US$600m by 2012.

The four-star hotels in New Delhi, Mumbay, Calcutta, Puri, Hyberabad, Bangalore and Udaipur will each have 100 to 120 rooms and will be built in five years time.

The collection of hotels and resorts will be built with eco-sustainable parameters and will be marketed under the Vedic Domina Hotels and Resorts brand.

Domina Hotel Group chairman Ernesto Preatoni says the chain will be the first Italian hotel operator to enter the Indian market.

By Penny Jones