Passkey has launched the hospitality industry’s first email campaign system designed specifically for groups, meetings and events.

Group Campaigns is an innovative online technology that provides event destinations, managers and hotels an easy and effective way to communicate with their group attendees via email, Passkey said.

The system allows customers to communicate easily with their event attendees via professionally designed, pre-configured email campaigns, raising the level of service offered to groups and providing hotels an opportunity to capture greater incremental revenue from the sale of upgrades, extended stays and amenities.

Each group campaign is pre-configured for a specific purpose and can be customised with company branding, content and messaging.

With no limit to the number of campaigns that can be customised or sent, customers have complete freedom to pursue the level of service and marketing that meets their specific needs.

After a campaign has been sent out, customers can track its performance, including the ability to monitor the number of emails sent, how many were opened as well as the links that were clicked on by recipients, helping customers fine-tune their messaging and communication strategy.

By Elizabeth Clifford-Marsh