MTech has unveiled a new technology that communicates real-time information to housekeepers via PDAs.

MTech President Luis Segredo said the technology, REX, which has been in development for several years, will help housekeepers’ manage their time more efficiently.

“The notion of providing a PDA to room attendant has been around for some time, but the notion of using it to communicate real-time information that will turn rooms faster in a simple-to-use device is entirely new,” he said.

“For example, hotel guests will often wish to stay as late as possible on their date of departures.

“With REX, a room attendant refers to a wireless device to be instructed on ‘what is the next most important room’ for him or her to clean.

“In selecting the next room, the software will look at a collection of variables from multiple systems like the property-management and in-room energy-management systems. These variables include whether a guest is waiting, physical occupancy, VIP level of the incoming guest and several others.”

The room attendant is also given real-time guest information that allows for addressing the guest by name and setting up the room with all preferences.

REX, which uses Apple iPod’s touch platform, will be released in November in English and Spanish.

By Elizabeth Clifford-Marsh