Hotel occupancy in Hawaii rose to 72.9% for the week ending 18 September 2010, up from 68.8% during the same period in 2009, according to a new industry report.

The Smith Travel Research and Hospitality Advisers report revealed that Oahu had the highest occupancy rate at 83.7% while Maui County recorded 68.6%.

However, occupancy levels decreased by 3.1% to 60.5% in Kauai, while Big Island recorded an occupancy rate of 51.1%, a drop of 4.9% compared with last year.

State-wide hotel room rates were up 0.1% over the same week last year with the average room per night in Hawaii costing $161.11.

Maui had the highest room rates overall, with rooms costing $191.57 per night, while Kauai recorded a drop in room rates by 7.3% to $170.83 a night.

Big Island saw a drop of just 0.1% to $159.63 a night.