The flavors are so fresh you’ll think they’re straight off the vine. Whether it’s for a recipe that only family knows or for one that has changed over the years, Bell’s tomato flavors will elevate any taste profile.

"These tomato flavors mimic the best of what Mother Nature has to offer from fresh, juicy notes in our vine ripe flavor to the deep umami notes in the cooked tomato," says Christopher Warsow, Bell’s Corporate Executive Chef. "Our tomato flavors can hit any note in your tomato inspired product."

A few of the tomatoes highlighted in this line include:

-Juicy Type Tomato – a sweeter, floral, juicier taste profile.
-Fresh Vine Type Tomato – has crisp green notes. This flavor offers an aroma as if it was just plucked from the garden.
-Sun-dried Type Tomato – has a very savory, meaty sweet note. The aroma of this flavor is as if you have been cooking tomatoes all day.
-Sweet Cooked Type Tomato – has a very meaty, salty, rich umami flavor. It is a bold delicious flavor.
-Oven Roasted Type Tomato – has notes of sweet vanilla accented with caramelized, sugary, sweet fruity notes.
-Blackened Cherry Type Tomato – has notes of fresh citrus complimented by charred and meaty notes.
-Tomatillo Type Tomato – has green and tart notes and can be very acidic.
-Roasted Tomatillo Type Tomato – has an aroma of cooked granny smith apples, and is very light and sweet.

Bell is always expanding and developing new flavors to add to this line of tomatoes as more varieties become mainstream flavors and ingredients.