The number of rooms in Canada’s total active pipeline fell by 6.3% with 183 projects totalling 20,945 rooms in September 2011 compared with the same month last year, according to the STR / McGraw Hill Construction Dodge Pipeline Report.

The largest increase in rooms in the total active pipeline was reported by the upper midscale segment with a 31.7% increase and 5,589 rooms, followed by the luxury segment with a 19.7% rise and 711 rooms.

The midscale and economy segments recorded the largest decrease in rooms in the pipeline by 81.1% with 347 rooms and 69.2% with 295 rooms, respectively.

The upper midscale and luxury segments ended the month with the largest rises in rooms under construction with 75.7% and 1,739 rooms and 72.7% and 461 rooms, respectively.

The midscale segment recorded a fall of 72.2% in rooms under construction with 221 rooms.