A recent study in the UK has revealed that hygiene and cleanliness are of great importance for booking a hotel.

Conducted by facilities and building maintenance specialist Direct 365, the study highlighted the importance of maintaining high standards.

Figures released by the report show that 80% of the people would leave a hotel if it did not meet their cleanliness or hygiene standards.

Nearly 67% of people said that they check out a hotel’s reviews before booking a stay.

Direct365 digital head Phil Turner said: "There are many things that hotel guests look for when choosing a hotel. Whilst other factors such as price, location and amenities are no doubt important, our research has shown that hygiene and cleanliness are paramount.

"If four out of five people would actually abandon a booking due to an unclean room, it’s essential that hotels prioritise cleanliness as much as they can."

The hotel owners must ensure that they maintain highest standards at all times as the number of people using social media to raise concerns or voice complaints has increased.

Since the holiday season is approaching, hotels have been advised not to amass negative reviews.

Turner further added: "With six weeks of school-free time on the horizon, parents will be on the lookout for a suitable place to stay with their children. Hotel reviews are becoming more important than ever, and it’s essential that owners strive to constantly provided a high level of service in order to stay ahead of the competition, and ultimately in business.

"One bad review can spread like wildfire on social media. Even if you have dozens of good testimonials, it’s the bad ones that stand out and leave a sense of doubt in potential customers’ minds. You can’t afford to let things slip at all."