UK consumers made a total of 2.5 million online searches for hotels in May 2013, 21% of which were made on mobile devices, according to the latest report ‘Hotels Sector Report – Issue 16’ by London-based independent digital marketing agency Greenlight.

The report shows the most popular search keywords used by consumers on the Google UK site to search for hotels in May and also lists out the most visible sites for those searches on both computers (laptops/desktops) and mobile devices (tablets and smartphones).

According to the report, ‘hotels’ was the most used search term accounting for 6% of the total 522,115 online searches made for hotels using mobile devices.

The second most popular search term was ‘cheap hotels,’ which accounted for 4% of all the searches made via mobiles.

Searches for hotels in London with words such as ‘hotels in london’, ‘cheap hotels in london’ and ‘london hotels’ accounted for 13% of the total 307,786 online searches made for hotels in the UK using mobiles, with searches for hotels in York accounting for 3%.

In the natural search results or organic listings, the three most visible sites for searches made using mobile devices for hotels in domestic, short-haul and long-haul destinations were with 76%, with 62% and with 59% share of visibility.

In the paid listings,, and were the most visible sites on mobiles with 91%, 73% and 47%share of visibility, respectively.

The report also stated that for short-haul destinations, hotels in Amsterdam was the most searched query on mobile devices, while hotels in Paris was the most searched query on computers.

Similarly, for the long-haul destinations, searches for hotels in Dubai accounted for majority of mobile-made queries whereas New York dominated hotel-related searches made using computers.