Park Hyatt Chicago has installed Telkonet’s EcoInsight energy management thermostats in its guestrooms to control the heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems (HVAC).

The EcoInsight thermostats, integrated with Telkonet’s Recovery Time technology, enable the hotel to control the efficiency of its HVAC systems. Each of the 198 guestrooms, including 13 suites, is evaluated to determine its energy-efficient temperature based on internal and external environmental characteristics.

"The EcoInsight thermostats enable the hotel to control the efficiency of its HVAC systems."

EcoInsight is a programmable controllable thermostat; with over 125 configurable settings it can be installed on equipment such as packaged terminal air conditioners, fan coils, heat pumps and split systems.

Installed with software-based relay control and fan speed configuration, the technology helps in measurement, verification and detailed analytics of HVAC systems, according to Telkonet.

The thermostats calculate how far the temperature can drift from the user’s setpoint when the room is not occupied, thus saving energy consumption.

The Recovery Time technology enables the thermostats to record room temperature data every second to measure the HVAC system’s shift from the setpoint.

Both technologies are part of Telkonet’s EcoSmart energy management platform.

Park Hyatt Chicago director of engineering Fernando Saavedra said that with EcoSmart’s Recovery Time technology, the hotel guestrooms always maintain an acceptable temperature.

"Telkonet’s EcoCentral management platform communicates seamlessly with our workflow management software, HotSOS, allowing the maintenance team to carry out repair tasks before a problem HVAC unit disturbs a guest. Prior to installing EcoSmart, we didn’t have that capability," Saavedra added.

Telkonet CEO Jason Tienor said that EcoSmart is becoming the technology of choice for luxury hotels that value the guest experience but also wish to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.