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Saudi Arabia is investing heavily to accommodate greater religious tourism

In 2016, Saudi Arabia announced that it was embarking on a unique and transformative economic and social reform called Saudi Vision 2030.

US Virgin Islands’ destination marketing campaign set to attract more tourists

The US Virgin Islands tourism industry still has a long journey ahead before recovering from the impacts of the pandemic.

Competitive lodging sector demands experiences beyond accommodation

Airbnb has been a leader in this trend since the launch of its ‘Experiences’ program in 2016, which connects users to local hosts operating a wide variety of tours and events.

Patent analytics reveals Cloud technologies as key area of investment for lodging providers

As shown by GlobalData, Cloud is the most mentioned patent theme among lodging providers totalling 123 mentions in 2022 (as of September 23, 2022).

Radisson Hotel Group’s plan for carbon neutrality by 2050 will boost its image

A move by Radisson Hotel Group to reduce its carbon footprint is likely to gain positive feedback from the public.

Tourists and companies must work together for eco-tourism to have a meaningful impact

The reception of sustainable travel is trending in the right direction, with younger demographics showing more interest in going on eco holidays.

Influx of visitors for Queen’s funeral is a boon for London’s tourism industry

London will need great police resources to ensure the safety of the public visiting during this time of increased security risk.

Europe’s energy crisis will increase lodging costs and deter consumers

Lodging was expected to recover as vaccination rates increased and people became more willing to travel again.

Tourism in Mexico to receive boost from the removal of mandatory customs forms

Cancun, along with Santa Lucia, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, and San José del Cabo, are taking part in a pilot program where most passengers will simply receive a passport stamp.

Qatar can leverage the FIFA World Cup to create a lasting legacy

The World Cup will provide a fantastic opportunity for Qatar to sell itself as a tourism destination.