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State-of-the-Art Electrical Solutions for the Hospitality Industry
ionator EXP™ - Chemical-Free Cleaning for Hotels
Passport and ID Scanners with Data Transfer to Hotel PMS
Integrated Bathroom TV Systems for the Hospitality Industry
Cloud-Based Hotel Management Technology
Hotel Interior Design Consultancy
Networking Technology Solutions for the Hospitality Industry
Commercial Swimming Pool Products and ADA-Compliant Pool Lifts
High-Speed Internet Access Gateways for Hotels
Wellness and Health Treatments for Hotel Spas
Chairs, Sofas and Tables for the Hospitality Sector
Audio and Cinema Design, Re-Defined
Data Connection and Mobile Engagement for the Hospitality Industry
Upholstered and Case Goods Furniture for Hotels
Automatic Revenue Management Systems for Hotels
Television and Audio Systems for Hotels
Automatic Mini-Bar Systems for Hotels
Bespoke Hotel Entrances, Revolving Doors and Automatic Doors
Hotel, Restaurant, Bar and Café
Hydrothermal Treatment Solutions and Spa Facilities for the Hospitality Industry
Digital Signage and Communication Solutions for Hotels
Outdoor Heating and Cooling Solutions
Heating / Cooling / Ventilation Systems and VAV Terminal Units
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions for the Hospitality Industry
G-LINK™ Guest Connectivity Solutions
Luxury Guest Amenity Solutions
Trouser Presses and Hotel Amenity Products
Bespoke Decorative Project Lighting for the Hotel Industry
Bespoke Changing Rooms and Wooden Lockers
Analysis of IT Equipment for the Hotel Industry
Virtual Fitness Classes for Hotel Gyms and Guest Rooms
Central Data Management Platform for Hotels
Quality, Custom-Made Linens for the Hospitality Industry
Optical Projection Screens for Ambient Light
Innovative In-Room Technologies for Hotels
Goguest Integration Platform
Folding and Stackable Furniture
A New Standard in Managed IT Services for the Hospitality Industry
RateTiger Premium Rate Shopping and Channel Management Solutions
Safeplace Digital Electronic Hotel Safes
Premium Hospitality LED Lighting Solutions
Financial Planning, Controlling and Reporting Solutions for Hotels
Electrical Accessories for the Hotel Sector
Lighting, Lighting Controls and Automation
Towels and Bathrobes for Hotels
Spa Wellness Solution Provider
Intelligent Building Technology
Premium Coffee Blends and Commercial Coffee Machines
We cover the entire spectrum of the Travel value system, from tourism construction projects, hotels, airlines and travel intermediaries, all the way through to traveller insights and trends across the globe.
Hospitality Information Systems
Wooden Furniture, Spa and Health Club Design and Employee Locker Rooms
Cloud-Enabled Customer Relationship Management Solution for Hotels
Internet-Based Hotel Management Software
Lamps and Candleholders from Granite and Marble Designed in Denmark
Communication, Entertainment and Converged Network Solutions for the Hospitality Industry
Importers and Wholesalers of Commercial Furniture
Wired and Wireless Internet Systems for the Hospitality Sector
Guest Entertainment, Multimedia and Social Networking Solutions
Hotel Design, Furnishings and Accessories
Hotel and Catering Supplies Trade Fair
Innovative Chat Platforms for the Hospitality Sector
Smart Interactive Solutions for Guest Entertainment, Information and Communication
Luxury Hotel Beds
Custom TV for the Hotel Industry
Water Park Equipment, Pool Slides, Leisure Activities and Attractions for Hotels
Apps for the Hospitality Industry
Luxury Carpets and Made-to-Measure Rugs for Residential and Commercial Use
Complete Event and Venue Management Platform
Illuminated Room Numbers, Signage and Lighting
Specialist Electrical Switches and Control Systems
Integrated Transfer and Taxi Bookings for the Hotel Industry
Environmentally-Friendly Claddings, Floorings, Flats and Bricks
Cleaning Technology for the Hospitality Industry
Hotel, Spa and Villas
Sturdy Hotel Lounge Chairs
Decorative Light Fixtures and Glass Products
Turnkey Interior Design Services for the Hospitality Industry
Lighting for the Hospitality Industry
Multi-Sensorial Spa and Beauty Equipment
Hospitality Management Software Systems
Decorative Lighting for the Hospitality Industry
Bespoke Lighting Designs, Chandeliers, Wall Sconces and Lamps for Hotels
Modern Televisions with Audio Systems for Hotels
Lighting Controls for Hospitality Energy Efficiency
Bi-annual Design, Architecture and Home Styling Event
Commercial Dishwashers for Hotels
Interior Design Products and Services for Hotels
Prestige Hotel Amenities and Beauty Products
A Leading Provider of Voice Solutions to the Hospitality Industry
Internet-Based SaaS Solutions for Hotels
Mobile Platforms for Hotel Guest Services
Complete Coffee Solutions for the Hotel Industry
High-Speed Internet Access and Entertainment Solutions for the Hospitality Industry
Electronic Signage Solution for Meeting Rooms and Wayfinding
Customised Smart Mirrors and TVs for the Hospitality Industry
Skincare Equipment and Furniture for the Beauty and Spa Industry
ATRIO™ Guest Experience Management
Hotel Lighting
An Industry Leader Supplying Innovative TVs and Display Solutions
Complete Wood Furnishing and Interior Design Services
Global Provider of Audiovisual Services and Event Technology
Integrators of Apple-Based In-Room Technology and WiFi Solutions for the Hospitality Industry
Waste Management Products for Hotels
High-Quality Knit and Woven Garments
Cloud-Based Communications Billing Software and Telecom Profitability Services Designed for the Hospitality Industry
Front Service Management Technology for Bell Desk Operations
Complete Hotel Management Software Suite
Scalable, Integrated Property Management Systems for the Hospitality Industry
Natural Beauty Care and Well-Being Products for Hotel Spas
IP-Based Communications and Control Technology
Bespoke Luxury Safes for the Hospitality Sector
Porcelain Dinnerware for Hotels
Wellness and Fitness Centres
In-Room Technology for the Hospitality Sector
Turnkey Services for Refurbishment and Redesign of Brand Hotels
Balers and Waste Compactors for the Hotel and Catering Industries
Mobile Applications for the Entire Hospitality Enterprise
Scanning Solutions and Data Capture for Identification and Information Recording
Movable Pool Floors for Hotels
Interactive Television Systems for Hotels
Android Tablet Menus for the Hospitality Industry
Innovative LED Lighting Solutions for Hotels
Walk-In Shower Design and Bathroom Design
Bespoke Wellness Centre Design
Professional Dishwashing Machines
Hotel Property Management System (PMS), Mobile Phone Apps, Channel Manager and Reputation Analytics
Commercial Dishwashing Systems
Design and Deployment of IPTV Solutions for Hotels and Hospitality
Digital Printing and Automatic Identification Solutions