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GP Dati is a leading company in the business of software and services for hotels, with around 1,000 systems currently installed in Italy and Europe.

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GP Dati is a leading company in the business of software and services for hotels, with around 1,000 systems currently installed in Italy and Europe.

Headquartered in Venice, Italy, GP Dati Hotel Service was founded in 1981, as part of GP Pellegrini Group, with the mission of designing and developing software applications for companies in the hotel industry.

Our team’s experience and the company’s vocation for technological innovation has always enabled us to provide multiple specialised skills, ensuring the highest levels of performance for our clients.

Scrigno – more than just a property management system

Scrigno is a web-based suite designed to provide hotel management with a unique management system for all the strategic areas of a hospitality company. The value of Scrigno lies in its use of just one single, centralised database for all its applications.

Scrigno is an entirely web based hotel management suite integrating PMS, booking online, revenue management, CRM, business intelligence and back office in a unique database.
Thanks to its architecture, Scrigno is the ideal tool for both hotel groups and independent hotels, offering the management the chance to monitor business development in real-time.
Scrigno is a full web solution: this means that an internet connection and a PC will be enough to start working. Moreover, some useful functions are usable from tablet PCs.
Scrigno features innovative BOL fully integrated with a professional CMS. The front end layout helps maximise conversions, whilst the web services architecture allows data transmission between BOL and PMS.
The brand new forecasting module, integrated with Oracle Business Intelligence, helps revenue managers to predict demand, thanks to maths models, and to monitor sales against budget and previous year.

The objective is to coherently acquire data from all the transactions made in the operative departments: marketing can profile the customer base, launch focused promotional campaigns and process feedback; sales can maximise profits using all the distribution channels; and administration and control can monitor the business performances with accurate management control.

All this is achieved by exploiting the streamlined, high-performance and secure infrastructure.

Scrigno can be accessed in many ways due to its cloud solution: fully web-based and usable with tablet PCs, it has a modular, scalable structure and, thanks to the hosting formula, guarantees high levels of security in regard to data and privacy. This eliminates the need for investments in hardware, and ensures high performance and a system that is always up-to date.

Developed on an Oracle platform, Scrigno is now available in the ‘software as a service’ formula that permits the use of GP Dati’s advanced software applications as if it were a set of services paid-for on the basis of effective use.

Primary added value for independent hotels and hotel chains

Key benefits of Scrigno include:

  • Entirely web-based, modular and scalable
  • Utilisable hosting at a PCI-DSS compliant datacentre
  • Possible to work offline in case of connection failure thanks to a local backup module
  • Complete integration with e-mail and digital archive
  • Multi-channel distribution function: channel management, integrated two-way online booking for B2C and B2B
  • Centralisation of key company functions: multi-hotel availability, centralised invoicing, centralised management of deposits, account receivables, and commissions

Integrated modules for hotel property management

Scrigno’s integrated modules can cover the precise requirements of every hotel department:

  • Front office (PMS, meeting and congress, email and document repository)
  • Food, beverage and spa (food and beverage, electronic wallet payment system, SPA and wellness centres)
  • Revenue management (forecasting and business intelligence)
  • CRM and marketing automation, multi-channel distribution and sales (CRS and cross selling, GDS distribution, B2C and B2B, channel management)
  • Administration and control (centralised administration functions, general ledger and cost accounting)
  • IT (cloud computing and hosting service)

GP Dati Hotel Service key facts

  • 1,000 clients in Italy and Europe
  • One R&D department for ad hoc customisation
  • One strategic consultancy and web projects division:
  • Oracle certification
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV certification
  • ISO 9001/UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 quality standard certification


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